Build 1.3.59

In the spirit of brevity, sped up animations and added ability to run Single Round matches.

Going to Single round matches reduces the average game to under 1 minute. This is great, but the Boosting seemed even less mentally engaging with 1 round. This build introduces “Boosting Freezes Hand.” If a player boosts a hand, it is disabled during the sleeve card swap phase.

Also experimenting with saving matches to cloud storage with and expiration of 1 week. This will enable detailed post match inspection.

Website Updates

The game development always tops the priority list. Texas Hold’em Showdown just released on the Skillz eSport boards. O.K., technically it released at the end of 2020, with 3 months to monitor and improve. You can see the detailed list of change logs in the Release Notes.

Creating this website to support Texas Hold’em Showdown, and future eSport titles destined to contain more dexterous game play. The current dev task list for this site:

  • Landing Page
    • Promote the latest game, including download links.
  • Support Forum
    • Make feature requests
    • Discuss strategy
    • Ask questions & report game issues
  • News
    • This Dev Blog
    • Release Notes
  • Legal
    • Privacy Policy
    • Terms of Service

This covers the basics for a support site. Expecting more will come to support game spectators in real time. Please add any new features you would like to see on this site in the Feature Requests forum topic.